New Szpital na Klinach headed by Joanna Szyman

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At the end of November, the Hospital in Kliny in Krakow inaugurated its activities. It was built in the building that had previously occupied the obstetrics and gynecology hospital Femina. The facility, which is located in the southern part of the city, belongs to the Neo Hospital Group.

Joanna Szyman is the director of the hospital’s management board and Józef Job is its medical director. Both were previously associated with the Scanmed Group.

The facility has 26 beds. It offers procedures in general surgery, gynaecology, urology, orthopaedics and lower limb surgery. It has two operating rooms and a birthing route.  Additionally, the complex also includes a specialist clinic.

At present, the facility has a contract with the National Health Fund for parenteral nutrition services only. The remaining patients are accepted by the hospital on commercial terms. In the future, however, the Hospital at Klinach wants to apply for a wider range of services within the NFZ.

According to PMR data, there are a total of 30 hospitals in Kraków. Interestingly, as many as half of the hospitals in the city are private institutions. Nearly three quarters of them have a contract with the National Health Fund for hospital treatment.

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