NFZ: Support package for medical facilities

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The National Health Fund, together with the Ministry of Health, have prepared a set of financial instruments to ensure the stability of medical facilities during the fight against coronavirus.

State budget covers all expenditures

According to the Act of 2 March on Special Arrangements for Preventing, Counteracting and Combating COVID-19 (the so-called specustawa), all expenditure related to the prevention and combating of coronavirus comes from the state budget. This is the main stream of funding for tasks related to the pandemic. This means that the fight against the coronavirus will not take place at the expense of other benefits paid for by the National Health Fund.

Instead, the NFZ will use funds from the reserve fund. This is over PLN 1bn According to the NFZ President’s order, they will be used to finance an increase in the lump sum point valuation within the hospital network – by about 5%.  The lump sum value conversion will be calculated backwards, from January 2020.

NFZ’s contracts are maintained

The NFZ also guarantees payment of contract instalments regardless of the level of performance. This means that support can also be provided to those institutions which have been forced to reduce their current activities and are not directly involved in the fight against coronavirus. At the request of an entity, they will receive amounts comparable to those which they would have received if they had performed their contract under the existing conditions.

Establishments which, as a result of the fight against the coronavirus, had to reduce their core business may benefit from a lump sum compensation mechanism. This means that, in addition to the funds paid for the fight against COVID-19, they will also benefit from a lump sum within the hospital network. As regards monospeciality hospitals, i.e. facilities dedicated to the fight against coronavirus, they are to keep funds for readiness to provide services (per bed and per ventilator) in addition to the lump sum and payment for COVID-19-related services.

In general, payments of all funds from contracts are to be faster and more frequent. At the request of the service provider, they will take place up to four times a month.

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