NFZ to allocate more funds to AOS and oncology


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The National Health Fund (NFZ) has decided to amend its financial plan, as a result of which over PLN 1bn will be transferred to voivodship departments of NFZ. Additional funds will be allocated to outpatient specialist care (AOS) and oncology. The lump sum for hospitals operating in the network (PSZ) has also increased and this may translate into higher salaries for non-medical staff.

According to the new financial plan, funds will be transferred to voivodeship departments of the NFZ, which will gain PLN 1.18bn. As much as PLN 953.8m is to be used for outpatient specialist care services, while PLN 228.2m will be allocated to hospital treatment. For therapeutic rehabilitation, hospitals will allocate PLN 5.3m. The funds will be divided between voivodeship departments of NFZ based on the currently used algorithm.

The changes in financing are connected with the separation of AOS services from the lump sum of basic hospital protection, i.e. over PLN 553.8m, and with the increased valuation of healthcare services. The updated valuation relates in particular to outpatient specialist care, which amounted to PLN 400m. The NFZ’s decision was also due to a change in the tariff of healthcare services by PLN 233.5m, which concerned both oncological services (over PLN 228.2m) and treatment of patients with coma (PLN 5.3m).

Increase of the lump sum by 7%

After recalculation of the lump sum for hospitals operating in the network, it turned out that it increased by more than 7%. This will contribute to increased outlays for network hospitals, which will receive PLN 1.2bn. The changes, which were announced by minister Adam Niedzielski and the president of the National Health Fund, Filip Nowak, during the Economic Forum in Karpacz, assumed that the higher lump sum would allow transferring more than PLN 730m to network hospitals. The increase by PLN 0.5bn is due to the extension of the settlement period in PSZ contracts until the end of this year.

Part of the funds have already been transferred to hospitals in October 2021, and further transfers should arrive by the end of 2021. The transfer of funds takes into account the compensation from 1 July 2021. The increase in the lump sum will make it possible to increase salaries for non-medical staff, and district hospitals in particular will benefit from the changes.

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