Not for the liquidation of the National Health Fund, yes for the controller corps

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Health Market, during the last session of the Sejm health committee.

Plans to liquidate the NFZ have been in place for several years. Still in 2016, the Law and Justice government announced a return to financing health care from the state budget. However, the Act on the liquidation of the National Health Fund has never been dealt with. Gradually, however, there were voices that there would be no liquidation of the Fund. In May 2018, Minister Łukasz Szumowski said that in his opinion, the NFZ is starting to function better and better.

Regardless of that, everyone emphasizes the need to improve the payer’s activity. On the committee mentioned above, MPs adopted a draft amendment to the Act, which introduces the so-called NFZ controller corps and centralisation of the Fund. The main change will consist in the fact that controls in medical entities will be carried out by the NFZ headquarters, and not, as before, by voivodeship departments.

Service providers are also to benefit from the amendment of the Act. It introduces the obligation to notify about the control 7 days before its commencement and the limit of control days in one entity. There will also be no parallel inspections of the Ministry of Health and the National Health Fund.  What is more, possible irregularities will have to be documented with an image or a recording.

The Ministry of Health also wants to introduce the so-called baggage threshold. This means that penalties lower than PLN 500 will not be imposed.

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