Nowy Szpital Group wants to grow through acquisitions

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The Nowy Szpital Group (GNS) wants to develop in the coming years not only through expansion and modernization of its facilities, but also through acquisitions. The company’s target is primarily district hospitals in locations similar to those in which the Group currently operates. In these locations, the commercial potential is limited and patients are treated mainly within the National Health Fund. GNS does not rule out acquisitions of companies that manage individual hospitals, according to the information disclosed in “Puls Biznesu”.

Contracts with the National Health Fund account for about 90% of GNS’s revenues. In the first half of 2018, the company provided medical services worth PLN 138 million, exceeding the NHF lump sum by 6%.

GNS currently operates 10 hospitals in three provinces. According to PMR data, it is one of the largest non-public operators in terms of the number of outlets and beds.

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