Orpea invests in a nursing home in Lodz


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Lodz will be the site of Orpea’s next facility in Poland, and the new nursing home will offer 131 premium rooms. In addition to rooms for the residents, the plan is to build a restaurant and daycare rooms. The facility is expected to welcome its first seniors as early as the end of 2023.

Orpea has just received planning permission for a new nursing home, which will operate under the name Rezydencja Leokadia (Leokadia Residence). The facility will be located in the city centre, at 6 Dowborczyków Street. Seniors living there will be able to use single and double rooms, daycare rooms and a restaurant where meetings with families as well as birthday and holiday celebrations will take place. Seniors will have access to rehabilitation rooms, a library, a winter garden and a chapel. There will also be nursing and care facilities.

Orpea Polska helps seniors

Orpea Polska has been operating since 2001 and its residents benefit from more than 1,250 places both in modern nursing homes for seniors and in clinics that specialise in neurological, systemic and cardiac rehabilitation. The facilities are located in Mazowsze, Wrocław and Chorzów. In Wrocław, in addition to nursing homes, there are also Senior Citizens’ Flats, which are places based on the formula of assisted living, thanks to which it is possible to combine independent living with safety provided by constant and discreet care of the staff.

Nursing homes are for seniors who, because of their age and state of health, require daily support and round-the-clock care, and for those who, after an illness or operation, are no longer able to live independently. Nursing homes can also be used by people who are struggling with neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. At Orpea Polska’s rehabilitation wards and care centres, residents can receive care under the National Health Fund or on a commercial basis.

Orpea Polska has been part of the Orpea Group since 2016, which has been operating since 1989 and offers more than 110,000 places in facilities such as nursing homes, rehabilitation and psychiatric clinics in 25 countries. In August 2021, the group’s Clinea brand launched a rehabilitation clinic located in Międzylesie near Warsaw.

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