Orpea Poland: offensive in the long-term care segment

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In 2019, Orpea Polska, a private long-term care home operator, will also focus on investments in smaller regional cities such as Bydgoszcz, Białystok, Lublin, Rzeszów, Kielce, Łódź and Szczecin, the company’s CEO Beata Leszczyńska revealed in an interview with Puls Biznesu..

Orpea currently operates nine outlets in Poland under several brand names. Seven of them are located in or around Warsaw, one in Wrocław and one in Chorzów.

Currently, the company’s investments are largely focused on Warsaw and its surroundings. Orpea has acquired a nursing home under construction in the Tarchomin district and intends to start building a nursing home in Piaseczno shortly. The company also plans to build a rehabilitation clinic in Międzylesie and to rebuild the existing nursing home in Konstancin-Jeziorna. The existing Ostoya nursing home in Stare Babice is also to be modernized. Orpea also plans to build 2-3 more nursing homes in Warsaw from scratch.

In addition, the company plans to have at least four nursing homes and a rehabilitation clinic in Wrocław within six years.

According to Orpea, the investment outlays for a single nursing home amount to approximately €8-10 million. This amount includes the purchase of real estate, construction or adaptation of the facility and its equipment. If a rehabilitation clinic is built next to a nursing home, the cost doubles.

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