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Orpea Polska, which operates a network of nursing homes and rehabilitation clinics, plans to open new centres and increase the number of places to 2,000 over the next few years.

Orpea’s investments will focus on Warsaw

Orpea Polska will build nursing homes under the name of Orpea Rezydencje, and rehabilitation clinics under the name of Clinea Kliniki. According to medicineprywana.pl, there are plans to open centres in the largest Polish cities. Several clinics will be opened in Warsaw. In addition, the company will open a nursing home in Krakow, a second nursing home in Wroclaw and senior complexes in Poznan and Gdańsk. As a result, the number of places in Orpea’s facilities is expected to double in the next few years – to about 2,000. What is important, the centres will be established in the city centres or in their vicinity.

In addition, the company intends to successively modernise its outlets operating under the Medi-System brand.

Rezydencja Dabrowka already accepts pensioners

In May, Orpea officially opened the nursing home at Rezydencja Dabrowka. It is located in the Białołeka district of Warsaw. The facility can accommodate 130 people. One third of the places are already occupied. The company emphasises the character of the facility, which is to enable senior citizens to meet with their families and friends frequently (e.g. play corners for children, plenty of common space and the possibility of organising occasional parties).

Orpea Polska has been operating on the market since 2001. It runs nursing homes under the brand names Orpea Residences and Medi-System. They are located in Warsaw and its surroundings, Chorzww and Wrocław. In the latter location, apart from a nursing home, there are also apartments for seniors (the so-called assisted living formula). In addition, the company operates rehabilitation clinics under the Clinea Klinika and Medi-System brands. The total staff of the clinics is about 750 people, including doctors, nurses and carers, as well as physiotherapists.

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