OTCF started expansion on the dietary supplement market

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OTCF, the owner of the sport brand 4F, has begun its expansion into the dietary supplement and functional food market by creating 4F Fuel. The new brand offers food products for physically active people – both amateurs and professionals. Two out of three planned product lines are available for sale from August 2021.

By entering the dietary supplement market in Poland, which is estimated to be worth more than PLN 6bn, OTCF has decided to join the strong competition. Brand recognition can therefore be a great asset in the fight for customers, whom an increasing number of entrepreneurs and brands are trying to reach.

According to OTCF representatives, 4F Fuel is a natural extension of the brand’s existing offers, which are dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and sports activities. The company has prepared three product lines: 4F Fuel Regular, 4F Fuel Vega, and 4F Fuel Pro. The last one, designed for professionals and professional athletes, is not yet available for sale. The first two product lines have been created for physically active people who need support during their daily workouts or are looking for products that are vegan, vegetarian, and based on ingredients of natural origin. 4F Fuel Regular and 4F Fuel Vega are now available to customers from 2 August 2021, both in stationary shops and through online sales.

OTCF, so far known primarily for selling sportswear and accessories, has also been involved in sports sponsorship for 10 years, supporting Polish Olympic athletes with its original collections since 2010. In addition, the brand is constantly establishing cooperation with Polish athletes, and already at the beginning of 2021, Robert Lewandowski became its new ambassador. However, the company does not focus only on the Polish market and for five years now, the 4F brand has been expanding its activity by foreign shops, among others in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania.

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