Own brands of dietary supplements at risk?

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The government wants to limit the extent to which private labels are sold in Poland. Currently, the plans concern large-format stores. In our opinion, however, it is possible that in the future the legislator will also take a closer look at the private labels of pharmacy distributors.

For several years now, we have been observing increased attention to the regulations concerning pharmaceutical distribution and dietary supplements. The Reimbursement Act or the Pharmacy for a Pharmacist Act are examples of regulations that have already come into force. Distribution of dietary supplements in Poland and the need for its greater regulation are also widely discussed.

At the same time, dietary supplements are the products which are the most attractive for private label producers. In recent years, we have observed a very dynamic development of the retail market for private label dietary supplements. According to PMR estimates, in 2017 the market grew by over 30% in terms of value and accounted for 6.3% of the pharmacy dietary supplement trade. In the previous few years, the growth rate was several dozen percent. In 2018, this trend continued.

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