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The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) gave its consent to Panathea taking control over Dolnoslaska Grupa Apteczna (DGA).

Chain of more than 40 pharmacies will be established

Both entities operate on the market of pharmacy distribution. Panathea, which belongs to the Dalferon group, owns 24 pharmacies and pharmacy points in eight voivodships. These are located in the Pomorskie (6 outlets), Kujawsko-Pomorskie (4), Warminsko-Mazurskie (4), Lubuskie (3), Wielkopolskie (3), Mazowieckie (2), Lodzkie (1) and Podlaskie (1). In addition, the Dalferon Group also includes other companies active in the pharmacy market.

Dolnoslaska Grupa Apteczna (DGA) operates 17 pharmacies and one pharmacy point in four voivodships, i.e. Dolnoslaskie, Zachodniopomorskie, Opolskie and Slaskie. The owners of DGA are four natural persons.

Panathea must sell three pharmacies

The preliminary analysis conducted by UOKiK shows that the transaction may have a negative impact on the market of retail distribution in two voivodships: Dolnoslaskie and Opolskie. The transaction may lead to a reduction in competition on local markets in some localities, where the estimated market share of both companies would exceed 40%. The local market is understood as a market determined by a 1 km radius from the location of the disputed outlets.

Therefore, the Office makes the issuance of the consent to the transaction conditional on Panathea selling two pharmacies in Brzeg and one in Legnica. The potential buyer must be approved by the UOKiK. The contract for the sale of three outlets must also stipulate that pharmacies in these locations will continue their operations.

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