Penta’s pharmacy chain conquers the Romanian market at lightning speed

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The Romanian pharmacy chain Belladonna sold approximately 50 pharmacies to the Slovak-Czech investment group Penta Investments. The acquisition was approved at the beginning of March by the Romanian Competition Office.

The recent acquisition of Penta sealed its impressive entry into this market and its position as the second largest network in the country. Moreover, the position of the current leader of the Catena pharmacy chain is not safe given the current pace of development of Dr. Max. The difference between the two players is only 50 outlets.

Penta did not enter the Romanian market until mid-2017.  It purchased 31 pharmacies from Fastpharm, Iezer Farm, Panpharma Med and York Farm. Then, in 2018, it took over the A&D Pharma group together with the second largest pharmacy chain in Romania Sensiblu and the Punkt outlets. After the acquisition of the Belladonna pharmacies, the pharmacy chain already has almost 700 outlets, according to PMR’s estimates. The acquired pharmacies do not yet operate under the name of Dr. Max. Penta is currently analysing options for its brand strategy on the Romanian market.

Through these acquisitions, Penta has strengthened its leading position in the entire Central European region. According to the estimates of PMR, the region, understood as Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria, already has over 1,900 pharmacies.

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