P&G finalized the acquisition of OTC Merck business

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On 3rd December Procter & Gamble (P&G), the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturer, announced the finalisation of the acquisition of Merck KGaA. The transaction includes the OTC (Consumer Health) products division and will also concern Poland. Its value is $4.21 billion.

In total, Merck’s Consumer Health division was present in 44 countries and covered over 900 products. The company’s best selling OTC products in Poland in 2017 were Nasivin (nasal spray), Vigantoletten (vitamin D) and Femibion (dietary supplements for pregnant women).

This is not P&G’s first entry into the pharmaceutical sector. In 2011 P&G and Teva created a joint venture under the name PGT Healthcare. It was dissolved in July 2018, as both companies said that their priorities no longer go hand in hand.

According to PMR data, in 2018-2023 the OTC pharmacy market in Poland will grow at a rate of over 3% per annum on average (CAGR).

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