Pharmacies can submit applications to vaccinate against COVID-19

Works on the Polish vaccine against COVID-19 are underway ?

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In mid-June 2021 Voivodship Departments of the National Health Fund began accepting applications from pharmacies that want to join the National Vaccination Program.


Pharmacists will vaccinate against COVID-19

In mid-June 2021, pharmacies wishing to participate in the National Immunization Program can submit their applications electronically to the Provincial Branches of the National Health Insurance Fund. Applications can be submitted electronically. The support of pharmacists will increase the possibility of vaccinating Poles and achieving population immunity against COVID-19.

Until now, the vaccinations against COVID-19 have taken place, among others, in hospitals, primary care clinics or sports facilities.

An e-referral will be required to be vaccinated at a pharmacy. Only those pharmacists who are licensed to qualify or administer COVID-19 vaccinations will be able to administer the vaccinations.

On June 28, 2021, there have been 28.9 million vaccinations against COVID-19.


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