PMR report: In 2024 we will spend almost PLN 16bn on dentistry

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According to PMR estimates, in 2018 the Polish dentistry services market reached PLN 10.5bn, after an 8% increase in value compared to 2017. PMR forecasts that in 2019-2024 the value of the market will grow at a rate of around 7% per year, which will result in spending of PLN 15.6bn on dental services in 2024.

Personnel problems limit the market growth

The growth of the market for dental services in 2018 was somewhat weaker than in 2017, largely due to lower-than-original public health expenditure on dentistry. Ultimately, their growth rate in this segment was 0%, instead of 3% as previously forecast by the National Health Fund. Another factor limiting the growth was the growing problems with the medical staff and prolonged queues of people waiting for services – also in the private sector.

Dentistry services market is growing thanks to private spending

Due to the stagnation of public expenditure on dentistry, the increase in the value of the market took place entirely in the private sector, which developed its offer and was supported by the growing interest of Poles in such services. Demand was supported by a good macroeconomic situation (further acceleration of GDP growth in real terms to 5.1%), which is crucial in the case of dental services.

The dental market consolidated in 2018, which is a sign of a good situation in the sector. In the analysed period, this did not affect price erosion. The CPI reached the highest level among medical services – 4% and was much higher than the CPI for the whole economy.

structure of dental services

More information in the PMR report: “Dentistry services market in Poland 2019
Market analysis and development forecasts for 2019-2024″

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