PMR Report: The highest concentration of wholesalers in Hungary

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Among the Central European countries analysed by PMR, the largest number of pharmaceutical wholesalers operate in the Czech Republic. It is worth noting that the country is much smaller than Poland, both in terms of population and area. On the other hand, the highest concentration of pharmaceutical wholesalers (understood as the market share of the three largest players) is observed in Hungary and Slovakia.

Hungary and Romania are the only countries where the number of wholesalers did not decrease in 2018 compared to 2017. In Romania, the situation has stabilised, following the decline in the number of players in the market in 2017. In Romania, the situation stabilised after a drop in the number of players in the market in 2017. This in turn made the operating environment much more difficult.

In Hungary, the number of wholesalers has remained relatively stable for several years. PMR does not expect any major changes in this respect. The number of wholesalers in Hungary is almost the same as in Slovakia, a country with a much lower population. At the same time, in Bulgaria, where the population is also lower than in Hungary, there are twice as many wholesalers.

It is also worth noting that in all countries in the region, companies are implementing solutions aimed at optimising or even closing part of their warehouses. Therefore, the decrease in the number of warehouses in Central European countries is more visible than the decrease in the number of warehouses.

PMR analysed the pharmaceutical distribution market in six Central European countries: Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

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