PMR survey: significant reduction in the number of diagnostic examinations

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According to PMR, the year 2020 is a difficult period for the diagnostic imaging market in Poland. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the crisis of the entire economy, the number of examinations is limited. As a result, the value of the market may fall significantly. This is confirmed by the results of a PMR survey among diagnostic laboratories.

Postponement of examinations and limited capacity

In general, the coronavirus epidemic and the associated restrictions on the delivery of health services have had a negative impact on both the private and public sectors. Patients fear the infection and limit their contacts during medical visits and diagnostic tests.

Doctors, not only during but also after the lockdown period, are partially limiting the provision of services, so they are not directing as many patients to examinations as in 2019. In general, the movement of patients is currently slower due to the need to maintain a sanitary regime.

20% of respondents see positive effects of the pandemic on diagnostic laboratories

PMR’s research department conducted a survey among providers of imaging diagnostic services in Poland in June and July 2020. Both private and public entities participated in the survey.

When asked about the positive consequences of the pandemic for diagnostic laboratories, only one in five respondents is able to name any benefit. As many as 80% answer that there are no positive consequences of the current situation. In the case of negative consequences, the dominant answer was an overall reduction in the number of patients and examinations.

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More information from the survey and a description of the most important trends on the diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy market can be found in the latest PMR report: “Diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2020-2025“. The report takes into account the impact of COVID-19 on the development of this market.

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