PMR survey: Sports nutrients are bought by 18% of men

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Conditioners intended for people taking part in sports are one of the few dietary supplements purchased more often by men than women. According to a survey conducted by PMR, 18% of men bought such a product in the last year. For comparison, in the case of women, only 8% of respondents purchased nutritional supplements for athletes.

Sportsmen’s nutrition is most often purchased by people living in cities of 21 to 49 thousand inhabitants (23%).  Inhabitants of rural areas are not typical consumers of these products – in the 12 months preceding the survey only 9% of people who declare that they live outside the city bought nutrition.

What is not surprising, the users of this type of products are usually young people – 25-34 years old (22%). None of the respondents over 65 years of age purchased such a product in the last 12 months.

Most often, dietary supplements consumed during physical activity are purchased by people in the income range of PLN 3-4 thousand per person in the household (22%). Interestingly, these are not people from the highest income group, where the result was 15%. In our opinion, it results from the correlation of income with education. There is an elite group of rich people, who are probably also characterized by high awareness. Such people take care of their diet and are not susceptible to incentives of producers to buy more products. They check the composition and do not duplicate the products they take.

PMR conducted a survey in November/December 2018.  It was conducted in late November and early December 2018. 1,000 adult inhabitants of Poland took part in the survey. The sample was representative. Computer-aided telephone interviews (CATI) were used.

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