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PMR: Sustainable growth of dermocosmetics in pharmacies from 2017 to 2023

More than 1.4 billion PLN sales in 2023.

In the following years, the growth of the market will be positively influenced by the expansion of the dermocosmetics offer with original products, as well as the growing trend of caring for the beauty and wealth of the society. In the following years of the forecast (from 2020), a gradual slowdown in the growth rate of consumption and wages is expected, as well as a stabilisation of unemployment, which will also slow down the growth rate of the market value. It is worth noting that as a result of intensifying competition from the non-pharmacy market, resulting not only from legal limitations of the pharmacy market, but also from inhibition of intensified organic development of cosmetic chains, which are currently looking for new development opportunities (e.g. the pharmaceutical market, the cosmetics market, the cosmetics market, the pharmaceutical market, the cosmetics industry). We have lowered our forecasts for the pharmacy market compared to the previous edition of the report.

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