Poland: 650,000 coronavirus tests?

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Polish laboratories currently have 150,000 tests for coronavirus and another 500,000 are being contracted, health minister Lukasz Szumowski informed the Sejm on Friday.

Probably, 150,000 refers to all the tests that went to the labs so far. Some time earlier, the MoH informed that the facilities had first distributed 50,000 and then 100,000 tests. About 6,000 tests are performed daily in Poland, and the capacity of the laboratories is 8,000 samples. They are to grow gradually.

According to the Ministry, as a result of restrictions introduced in Poland, it was possible to achieve a 24.5% contagion reduction. This means that without the adopted restrictions, the number of diagnosed patients could reach 8,500 now. The goal is to reduce it at the level of 50%.

As of Sunday, April 5th, the number of samples tested for coronavirus in Poland exceeded 80,000. At the same time, the total number of diagnosed infected people in Poland is 4,100. 94 people died.

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