Poland has almost 700 facilities which contain psychiatric and addiction treatment wards

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An analysis carried out by PMR for a report entitled “Psychiatric care market in Poland 2021. Market analysis and development prospects”, suggests that there are almost 700 establishments in Poland which contain psychiatric and/or addiction treatment wards (facilities with same-day and inpatient units).


Almost 700 establishments in Poland which contain psychiatric and/or addiction treatment wards

44% of such facilities are in private hands, and most of these are very small hospitals (up to 50 beds) with places in same-day wards.

A less substantial proportion of facilities with psychiatric and/or addiction treatment wards operate in the form of companies, with the State Treasury or local authorities having some involvement.

However, there are almost twice as many public inpatient hospitals as there are private establishments, and the former have considerably more beds, boasting approximately three-quarters of the psychiatric and/or addiction treatment ward beds of all inpatient units in the country.

Public institutions are also the main beneficiaries of contracts with the National Health Fund for psychiatric care and the treatment of addictions. They receive approximately 70% of the revenue allocated by the Fund for the provision of such services (total services, as opposed to inpatient treatment only).

Methodology note: Hospitals with at least 5 beds (all locations) multispecialty, psychiatric and drug and other substances rehab, and other single-specialty hospitals which have beds in day or inpatient psychiatric and/or substance abuse treatment wards. Facilities at prisons and clinical research centres were not included. Home care units at nursing care wards and psychiatric nursing care wards were also excluded from the analysis. 


About author:

Justyna Zagorska

Senior Analyst

Market analyst specialising in analysis of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector in Poland. She also has experience in analysis of the retail sector in Poland.

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