Polfa Tarchomin: Factory for PLN 300m

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As we have recently reported, Polfa Tarchomin, a state-owned pharmaceutical manufacturer, is considering significant investments in the coming years. It is now known that one of them will be a factory with two production lines. The value of the whole investment will exceed PLN 300m.

Polfa Tarchomin wants to make high potent drugs

The factory is to be ready in 2023. However, the first products manufactured there will probably not be on the market until 2025, after the necessary validation and registration. The factory will have two production lines. The first one will produce, among others, oncological and immunosuppressive drugs (four products in the first phase in total). The line will also produce steroids and hormones. Within the second line, drugs will be produced by lyophilisation. In this way, injectable drugs, including life-saving ones, will be produced. The factory’s capacity is to reach 800,000 vials per year, according to 300gospodarka.pl. Apart from production for own needs, Polfa also counts on contract customers.

According to the company’s president Jaroslaw Krol, with whom the above mentioned portal talked, it will be the first in Poland and one of several factories in Europe producing important medicines, the so-called high potent drugs. The production of such drugs is associated with very strict quality and safety requirements and takes place almost in a “glass bubble”. Polfa aims primarily at innovative drugs, which in 2023 ends the patent protection.

The State Treasury will significantly subsidise the factory

The value of the whole investment is up to PLN 308m, Jarosław Krol explains, in a conversation with 300gospodarka.pl. Of this, the construction of the factory together with the laboratory, is the cost of about PLN 256m. About PLN 30m will be spent on research and development costs related to high potent drugs. For the rest, Polfa wants to finance energy improvements. The company can count on a subsidy of PLN 200m from the State Treasury. It has also secured bank financing. It has a promise for a possible loan, but not more than PLN 85m. The remaining amount is to be obtained from the sale of land which it does not use.

The planned investment is primarily aimed at building the safety of the drug state. In addition, greater availability of medicines may reduce their prices. According to Polfa, this will allow for the reduction of the NFZ’s expenditure on reimbursement. Moreover, the State Treasury counts on reducing Poland’s dependence on imports of active substances from the Far East. Recently, there have often been problems related to the availability of such substances or their pollution.

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