Polfarmex to increase production thanks to a new packaging line


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Polfarmex has invested in a new packaging line, which has appeared at its production plant in Kutno. Thanks to the new blister machine, the production of blister packs will be able to increase by around 60%, while the new unit cartoning machine will enable the efficiency of the packaging process for medicinal products to be doubled.

The new packaging line at Polfarmex’s pharmaceutical plant includes a blister machine, a unit cartoning machine and a master cartoning machine. The packaging line is due to be launched between November and December 2021. The additional equipment has meant that the plant now has a total of five blistering and packaging lines in the area of dry drug forms. The increase in the number of production lines also means an increase in the plant’s capacity, and it is anticipated that the new blister machine will enable an increase in blister production of around 60%, while the unit cartoning machine will enable the packaging capacity to be doubled. Moreover, thanks to the new master cartoning machine, the process of packing unit packs into bulk packaging will be carried out automatically.

Polfarmex focuses on innovations

As Jarosław Stępniak, Chief Technologist at the Polfarmex Group, explains, the new machines will not only increase production capacity but will also introduce technological innovations. According to Jarosław Stępniak, the company must constantly plan its future needs in order to be able to introduce the required innovations in advance. He adds that by investing in the packing line, the company also improves the operating conditions of other production elements.

The new investment is expected to help develop the company’s competence as a potential contract manufacturer and is another improvement made by the company. In 2020, Polfarmex modernised the Formulation Laboratory’s machine park, which allowed it to conduct research and development work on medicinal products in pharmaceutical forms that had not previously appeared in the company’s offer. Thanks to modernisation, the company can now develop multilayer tablets with a modified release of the active substance, and such innovation is connected with the strategy of creating generic medicines with added value (GX+). In addition, the machine park has been enriched with a modern dryer, mixer-granulator and coating machine, and thanks to these devices the production process could be adapted to the requirements of the development processes of medicinal products in the semi-technical area.

Polfarmex Group development strategy

Investments in packaging lines and machinery are driven by the Polfarmex Group’s long-term development strategy. This includes the development of generic medicines with added value (GX+), the development of an inhalation product line related to the manufacture of multi-dose inhaler powders, as well as the development of biotechnology medicines. As part of biotech drug advancement, the company wants to create a technology for obtaining a biosimilar human insulin analogue.

The Polfarmex Group, which employs over 700 people, has been operating for over 30 years and its products appear in 15 foreign markets. The company produces both generic prescription medicines – in the fields of pulmonology, cardiology, gastrology, neurology, dermatology, and gynaecology – and OTC products. The company’s portfolio, which includes more than 100 products, also comprises dietary supplements and cosmetics.

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