Polish scientists have developed a ventilator controlled by… internet


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As part of the RespiSave project, Polish scientists have developed a prototype of a ventilator with telemetry function, i.e. the possibility of remote control. It can be used in therapy of patients with COVID-19.

The RespiSave project is a nationwide coronavirus control project in cooperation with medical, technical and economic universities, as well as private companies. Its aim was to develop a ventilator designed for ventilation (invasive and non-invasive) of patients with COVID-19. The device was to be microprocessor-controlled by means of adaptive algorithms and enable remote patient monitoring (telemedicine). A prototype of the product has already been developed and its first tests took place in early May.

As Professor Roman Starosolski from the Faculty of Automation, Electronics and Computer Science of the Silesian University of Technology, one of the participants of the project, explains in an interview with the portal gliwice.eu, thanks to remote care, doctors are not exposed to the danger of getting infected from the patient. Therefore, the ventilator will work well in case of patients infected with COVID-19. Moreover, thanks to the device, the doctor can monitor simultaneously many patients who are in different places.

The device is easy to operate, so it can be used even at home. RespiSave can also be used in children.

Photo: respisave.org.

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