Prime Minister’s Expose: No revolution in health care

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On Tuesday, 19 November, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki delivered an expose for the next four years. In the healthcare segment, the priorities are mainly cardiology and oncology, as well as digitalisation. A free package of preventive checkups for people aged 40+ will also be introduced.

Oncology: First and foremost prevention

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki reminded in his expose that the National Cancer Strategy will soon be presented in Poland. It is worth noting that Poland is one of the last EU countries which have not yet implemented such a plan. The strategy includes six main objectives, written down as detailed objectives. In total, this gives 20-30 tasks, for which measures and a timetable are prepared. The defined objectives are short- and long-term, and a great emphasis is placed on prevention. The National Cancer Network is also currently being piloted.

As part of the support for oncology, it is also planned to invest about PLN 1 billion in the Oncology Centre in Warsaw. We have written more about this investment here.

From paper Poland to digital Poland

The second direction of activities in health care is to be digitisation. It concerns computerisation in health care, e-prescription or e-referrals.

According to experts, the expose of Prime Minister Morawiecki did not present an idea for a strategic change in health care. Rather, it focused on activities that have already been carried out or are in progress. A new proposal is the introduction of a package of free prophylactic examinations for people over 40 years of age. A Fund for the Modernisation of Hospitals with a budget of about PLN 2bn is also to be created.

According to the data presented by the Prime Minister, in the previous government term, health care spending increased from 70 to 106 billion zlotys, i.e. by over 50%. The number of people graduating from medical faculties is also growing – in this term of government the number of medical faculties will reach 50% more students than four or five years ago.

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