Private medical companies in Poland continue to grow

centrum medyczne medicover przychodnia

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The largest private medical companies in Poland, such as Medicover, LUX MED and PZU, have been intensively developing their activities in recent months. They do this both by opening their own branches and by acquisitions. Expansion takes place not only in specialist outpatient care, but also in dentistry and imaging diagnostics.

Medicover focuses on dentistry

Year 2019 Medicover began with a high C. The company announced the acquisition of the Neomedic Group, which includes two hospitals in Krakow (including the Ujastek gynaecological and obstetrics hospital) and a hospital in Nowy Sacz (we have written more about this here). In the following months of the year, Medicover focused on development in the dentistry segment. As announced, the company acquired clinics with a highly specialised offer, leaders in local and regional markets.

In July, Medicover Stomatologia was joined by the Centrum Implantologii i Ortodoncji Dentim Clinic, which operates through two clinics in Katowice and one in Bydgoszcz. In October, the company took over S-Dent, one of the largest dental centres in Łodz. The facility has six surgeries and a radiology laboratory and a base of about 10,000 patients.

In November, Medicover was joined by a network of Polskie Centra Stomatologiczne Dens. It operates in Bydgoszcz through six centres and 20 dental surgeries. In December, Medicover announced the acquisition of Orto-Aidi, an orthodontic clinic in Poznan. It has nine surgeries, a radiological laboratory and a prosthetic laboratory.

LUX MED takes over the Klinika Glowy i Szyi

Another leading private medical company, LUX MED, completed the acquisition of the Centrum Medyczne Mavit in September. Mavit operates an ophthalmic hospital and diagnostic centre in Warsaw and a specialist hospital in Katowice. It specialises in ophthalmology, maxillofacial surgery and laryngology.

In the following months LUX MED focused on organic development. The company opened, among others, institutions within the framework of the mental health clinic Harmonia (two in Warsaw and one in Wroclaw). In October and November LUX MED opened medical centres in Wroclaw (within the Wroclaw Technology Park) and Kalisz (the first medical centre of the company in this city and the first one in the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship, outside Poznan). Carolina Medical Centre, an orthopaedic clinic belonging to LUX MED, has expanded beyond Warsaw and opened a branch in Gdansk in November.

At the beginning of December LUX MED announced the acquisition of the Klinika Glowy i Szyi Optimum in Warsaw. The clinic specialises in diagnostics, conservative treatment and one-day surgery in minimally invasive endoscopic procedures.

PZU: Acquisition in imaging diagnostics

PZU Zdrowie also made a significant acquisition in 2019. As we informed, the company is awaiting the decision of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) regarding the acquisition of the network of Tomma Diagnostyka Obrazowa imaging diagnostics facilities. PZU, which at the beginning was building a network of outlets mainly through acquisitions, has also been developing organically in recent months. In October, it opened a new medical centre Polmedic in Radom (PZU took over Polmedic in 2016 and currently operates 7 outlets in Radom under this brand). In November, the company opened a multi-specialist medical centre in Wroclaw.

Enel-Med also has development plans. The company has recently announced that it has taken preparatory actions to increase its share capital by PLN 80m. The recapitalisation will take place through the issue of new shares. Its aim is to raise funds for the construction of a network of dental clinics, but also for the development of general medical clinics, intended for both subscription and FFS patients.

And what will the private healthcare market look like in Poland 2020-2021? This will be discussed by practitioners during PMR Forum Private Healthcare 2021 on 19 March 2020. More info here.

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