ProCarePlus Pharma intends to debut on NewConnect at the turn of Q3 and Q4 2021


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ProCarePlus Pharma is in the process of applying for the introduction of its shares to trading on the NewConnect market. The debut will not be combined with the issue of shares. The company’s goal is to systematically develop a portfolio of drugs and dietary supplements with proven clinical value in many attractive areas of the pharmaceutical market.

ProCarePlus Pharma, is a pharmaceutical company whose main focus is the sale of dietary supplements, generic drugs and generic plus drugs. In the future, the company also plans to develop innovative drugs in cooperation with Polish academic centers.

The company entered into an agreement with Greek companies in July to license and supply a drug containing the active substance Rivaroxaban. This is one of the most important cardiovascular drugs used in the treatment of thromboembolic diseases. Among other things, the agreement provides for the supply of this drug until 2024 for a minimum amount of €590,000. At the same time, the company seeks to conclude in the coming quarters further significant agreements with large entities for the licensing and supply of drugs to the Polish market. The spectrum of interest includes both well-known medicines and those unavailable on the Polish market.

ProCarePlus Pharma also has six dietary supplements in its portfolio: Insudiab, Cyncor, CyncorC, Lumbagor, Artroreg, Gastrit. Currently, they are sold only via the Internet, while cooperation with pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical wholesalers is being developed.

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