PZU Zdrowie after the takeover of Falck: Nearly 100 clinics

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The consolidation of the private healthcare sector continues. On Thursday, PZU announced signing a preliminary agreement to acquire 100% of shares in Falck. The transaction will involve the acquisition of both Falck Medical Centres and NZOZ Old Town. The transaction has yet to be approved by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK).

PZU will take over 32 outlets located in 14 cities. These are multi-specialist medical centres, as well as company and family clinics.  What is important, the transaction will not cover the segments of transport and emergency medical services in which Falck will operate in Poland.

Thanks to this acquisition, PZU will increase the number of its own facilities from 65 to 97. In addition, the company cooperates with approximately 2.1 thousand clinics and 50 hospitals.

The purchase of Falck is the largest acquisition project of PZU Zdrowie. The company is building its network both through organic growth and acquisitions. In 2018. PZU Group took over the St. Luke Centre in Częstochowa and SZOZ Multimed in Oświęcim. This year, the network was joined by the Alergo-Med clinic from Tarnów.

In 2018, PZU Zdrowie’s revenues amounted to PLN 576 million, which was an increase of over 25% year on year. In two years’ time, PZU wants to have revenues of PLN 1 billion in the health care segment and be the vice-leader of the industry. In the longer term, it wants to become the number one player.

According to Julita Czyżewska, President of PZU Zdrowie, in an interview with “Puls Biznesu” in 2019, the company plans to make a few more transactions in the outpatient care segment. She is interested in acquiring 100% of shares in local leaders with whom she already cooperates. She is also planning to open new facilities and expand existing ones in Warsaw, Opole, Radom and Wrocław.

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