PZU Health: There will be more clinics

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In 2019. PZU Zdrowie will continue to expand its network of medical facilities. Such information was revealed by Julita Czyżewska, President of the Management Board of PZU Zdrowie, in an interview with swiatlekarza.pl. As a medical operator, the company wants to be present in large and medium-sized cities in Poland. The development is related, among others, to the increase in the number of customers.

As we have already informed, at the end of October PZU Zdrowie opened a new medical facility in Gdańsk. It was the first clinic that PZU created from scratch. In 2018. PZU also opened three other medical centres in Warsaw, Krakow and Poznan. All of them are located in modern, well-connected buildings.

PZU also develops through acquisitions. At the beginning of 2019. The Group acquired 100% of shares in SZOZ Multimed.  The company operates two clinics and is one of the leaders on the medical market in Oświęcim.

At present, the PZU clinic network comprises several dozen clinics.

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