PZU Zdrowie has launched a telemedicine kiosk

PZU kiosk telemedyczny

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PZU Zdrowie, one of the largest medical companies in Poland, invests in the telemedicine market. The company has recently opened a telemedicine kiosk – a mobile office. It enables to perform diagnostics with the use of medical equipment, and then videoconsultation with a doctor.

Examination in 10 minutes

The telemedicine kiosk is equipped with a number of devices that enable the patient to perform examinations on their own. These include a stethoscope, digital ECG, pulse oximeter, thermometer, blood pressure monitor and a camera to image the throat, ear and skin. Then, through videoconsutlation, the patient discusses the results of his examinations with the doctor. If necessary, the patient is referred for further diagnosis or e-prescription. According to the company, the whole consultation process, including the examination, takes about 10 minutes, and the use of the kiosk resembles a visit to a traditional facility. This is to enable even the most busy people to take care of their health.

The mobile office stood at the PZU headquarters at Jana Pawla II Street in Warsaw. Currently, they are testing for employees of the company. Ultimately, it will be used by employees of companies with PZU Opieka Medyczna insurance product.

Telemedicine – the future of medical care

According to PMR data, the dynamics of the telemedicine services market is very high. In the years 2018-2023 it will amount to more than 20% per year. Our research shows that more than half of non-public entities that have already included telemedicine in their offer indicate that they want to expand their customer base by offering remote services to new groups of patients, e.g. those living in remote locations, as a reason for entering the market. A faster diagnosis may also contribute to an increase in the number of patients served by the facility.

According to PZU, in the United States and Canada, telemedicine kiosks are the “first filter” and support basic medical care. In China, they support health monitoring of people from rural areas, remote from large agglomerations.

More information on current trends in the telemedicine market in the PMR report “Telemedicine market in Poland 2018. Market analysis and development forecasts for the years 2018-2023”.

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