Andrzej Duda’s second term of office and Poles health

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On Monday, the State Election Commission (PKW) announced the official results of the second round of the presidential election. The victory of Andrzej Duda was decided by 51.03% of Poles voting. The turnout was 68.18%. How will the President take care of the health of Poles for the next five years? The two most important assumptions are Medical Fund and Health Centre 75+.

Medical Fund proposed by Andrzej Duda

The bill on the Medical Fund on the initiative of Andrzej Duda was submitted to the Sejm during the election campaign. The fund, amounting to PLN 4bn a year, is to take care of the health of Poles by implementing three assumptions: funds for treatment of rare diseases, prevention programme and investments in infrastructure. It is worth noting that the bill assumes PLN 2bn within the fund in 2020.

The Medical Fund is to finance, among other things, benefits for children under 18, as well as health prophylaxis programmes and medical services provided outside the country. One of the most important assumptions of the bill is to finance the purchase of modern medicines and drug technologies for patients suffering from cancer and rare diseases. Furthermore, the purchase of modern medical equipment, construction and modernisation of infrastructure of strategic healthcare entities and modernisation of hospitals is another objective for which the funds are to be allocated. Currently, however, the law has not been considered by the Health Committee, as the meeting on this issue has been postponed to 21 July.

Health Centre 75+ will take care of the health of the oldest

At the end of Andrzej Duda’s presidential campaign, the creation of the Health Centre 75+ was also announced. It is to be one of the first postulates of the president in the second term of office. The Health Centre 75+ is to consist of two pillars. The first is a network of geriatric wards. The concept of the second pillar assumes the creation of a network of Health Centers 75+, providing outpatient, day care and home care. This is to assure geriatrists that the health of their patients is safe after receiving specialist help. The elderly will thus receive care close to home.

Let us recall that this year, on the initiative of Andrzej Duda, one resolution has already been adopted, which will support the health of Poles in the fight against the growing percentage of people suffering from cancer. On 4 February 2020 the Council of Ministers adopted the National Cancer Strategy (NCS). It is a programme for the years 2020-2030 assuming the allocation of PLN 5bn for the fight against cancer. The main objective of the NCS is to increase the percentage of people living 5 years after the end of oncological therapy, as well as to increase the detection of cancer in the early stages and improve the quality of life during and after treatment.

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