Compulsory tests when returning from a holiday abroad?


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Holidays are full and the number of coronavirus cases is constantly increasing in many countries around the world. In response to this situation, the Minister of Health is considering the introduction of obligatory coronavirus tests for people returning from holidays abroad, especially from countries where there have been dynamic increases in the number of cases. The tests would probably be financed by the NFZ.

Poles returning from abroad

Popular holiday destinations among Poles, such as Croatia, Spain, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Greece have recently recorded an increase in the number of positive COVID-19 cases. Therefore, the Ministry of Health wants to take action to limit the spread of coronavirus in our country. Mandatory tests or quarantine may await Poles returning from abroad.

It cannot be ruled out that instead of quarantine, a test would be necessary. We are currently analysing the possibility of doing tests after returning to the country – explains Lukasz Szumowski in an interview with

As informed by the Central Sanitary Inspector portal, there are 150 laboratories in Poland which carry out COVID-19 tests. Moreover, in Poland we have one million tests in stock in the country, as well as two plants producing very good quality tests.

Compulsory tests in Germany

A similar solution, so far voluntary, has been introduced in Germany since 1 August. There, travellers can perform free tests for up to three days (72 hours) after returning from abroad. What is more, a special hotline has been set up there to find out about the location of the nearest test site, according to DW information.

In order to perform the free COVID-19 test, people need to document their journey, e.g. by presenting a bill for the night. Samples are taken at railway stations, airports, some border crossings, as well as in branches of the German sanitary facilities and selected clinics.

Germany also plans mandatory tests for people returning from countries considered to be at risk, including e.g. the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Mexico or selected regions of northern Spain. Currently, travellers from these areas are in 14-day quarantine.

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