COVID-19: Field hospitals in every voivodship city

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The first field hospital in Poland is under construction. The hospital is being built at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw. At the beginning of the week the Ministry of Health informed that similar facilities will be built in other regions of Poland. And this is not the only change in organising treatment for COVID-19 patients. The Ministry plans to involve private hospitals in pandemic-related activities.

Field hospitals – construction in Warsaw has started. Where else will they be built?

The first field hospital is being built at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw. The facility is to be ready to receive the first patients at the end of the week. Initially, it will have a base of 500 beds with the possibility of increasing the number of places in subsequent stages. Most press reports speak of 1,000 beds.

Adam Niedzielski informed on Monday that Mateusz Morawiecki gave an order to prepare plans to build temporary hospitals in other locations as well. Fields for the fight against COVID-19 are to be built in every voivodship town, depending on needs. All ministries are to be involved in the project, it was given. In the first place, apart from the previously described facility in Warsaw, such hospitals will be built in Malopolska and Wielkopolska.

Increase of COVID-19 cases makes further changes necessary

Today, 10,040 new and confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Poland were reported. This means that the total number of all confirmed COVID-19 infections in Poland has exceeded 200,000. Due to the large increase in coronavirus cases in our country, the rules of fighting the pandemic are changing. As early as Monday, the Ministry of Health informed that the daily increase in new infections at the beginning of next week could reach 15-20,000. Therefore, it was decided to double the base of beds for COVID-19 patients.

In addition, private hospitals are to be included in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, which is initially to secure 1,000 beds for patients with Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. Changes have also been announced concerning medical personnel (including the Good Samaritanin Act), a change in quarantine rules and the functioning of drive true points, where soldiers of the Polish Army would replace medical personnel.

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