Gemini pharmacy chain – was there legal abuse?

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Ministry of Health (MoH) informs that there has been no leakage of information from the e-Health system regarding patients’ personal data from electronic prescriptions, because the system’s safeguards are adequate. However, the MoH in response to the actions taken by the Ombudsman indicates that there is a suspicion of illegal use of the data by a particular pharmacy and the company running a pharmacy chain to which it belongs.

Action taken on possible legal abuse

In the document from 6 July 2020 to the Ombudsman, the MoH informs that in the face of received signals about the practice applied by the above mentioned entities, the e-Health Centre has taken appropriate explanatory actions. As a result of these actions the mechanism on which this practice is based will be determined, in particular in the context of processing of patients’ personal data collected in the e-Health System (P1).

We can also read from MoH’s answer that there are doubts as to the legality of the practice in question. Therefore, the e-Health Centre has blocked the pharmacy account. Moreover, the relevant downloading authorities were informed about the situation.

Gemini pharmacy chain statement

Gemini Polska issued a statement in this case, in which it described the rules regarding the functioning of the application and the pharmacy cooperating with it. The company said that all companies under the Gemini brand operate in accordance with applicable law. The company also declared full cooperation with relevant authorities to clarify any doubts.

Let us remind you that the case has gained momentum after the article of Gazeta Prawna. As the newspaper wrote, personal data from e-prescriptions could be processed in the application, made available by the pharmacy chain. It is worth noting that the application was used to reserve medicines in a selected pharmacy. According to the article, on their basis there was a patient profiling.

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