Pawel Piotrowski dismissed from office

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Pawel Piotrowski will not hold the post of Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector (GIF). This decision was announced by the Ministry of Health at the end of last week. A new head of the GIF is currently being recruited.

New GIF chief sought

Pawel Piotrowski served as Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector for over 2.5 years. His duties have now been taken over by Hanna Myjak, the current General Director of GIF. However, a recruitment process for a new head is underway. The deadline for submitting offers has been set for 25 January 2021.

The Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector supervises and controls the manufacture and marketing of medicinal products. His main task is to ensure patient safety. In Poland, persons for this position are appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister at the request of the Minister of Health.

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