Voucher for diagnostics already in spring

krew probki diagnostyka laboratorium

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According to recent announcements by government officials, a plan to restore the health of Poles will be launched in the spring. It is to cover people over 40 years of age. As part of the planned preventative examinations, these people would receive a voucher for basic diagnostic tests.

New Voucher – something like 500 plus for health?

The programme of preventive examinations for people aged 40 and over in 2021 was already announced in spring 2020. At the time, it was reported that the 40 Plus Prevention programme could cover up to 11 million Poles over five years. The currently proposed programme to rebuild the health of Poles, is designed to test how COVID-19 has affected health in our country.

The funding is to work on the basis of a voucher, which can be used to carry out basic diagnostic tests. They are to check the state of health of Poles. Among the diseases to be diagnosed thanks to this are cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

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