Will DOZ close 12 pharmacies in Podlasie?

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The Voivodship Pharmaceutical Inspectorate (WIF) in Podlasie issued a decision concerning 12 pharmacies belonging to the DOZ pharmacy chain. The decision is a response to the ZAPPA’s request for a breach of the anti-concentration limit.

6 months to correct the irregularities

The WIF decision indicates that 12 DOZ companies constitute a capital group which operates 16 pharmacies in Podlaskie Voivodeship. The anti-concentration limit in this region is four pharmacies.

Pursuant to the decision issued by the WIF in Podlasie, the DOZ pharmacy chain has six months to comply with the applicable regulations. Otherwise, the permits to operate 12 pharmacies may be withdrawn.

DOZ: The largest pharmacy chain in Poland

The DOZ pharmacy chain belongs to the Pelion group and is managed by DOZ SA. The network consists of about a thousand outlets and is the largest network present on the pharmaceutical market in Poland. Some outlets operate on a franchise basis.

It is worth noting that the decision issued by the WIF on pharmacies in Podlasie is not final. The company has the right to appeal against its records to the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate (GIF).

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