Robotic revolution: SU bought Rosa’s robot

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A robotic invasion of Polish health care institutions is in progress. As we recently informed, the Kraków Hospital in Kliny was the first hospital in Małopolska to purchase a da Vinci robot. On Thursday, Rosa robot was launched by the University Hospital in Cracow. Rosa robot is used for neurosurgical operations on the brain.

It includes endoscopies, biopsies, electrode implantations or surgical procedures with an open skull. The machine purchased by the hospital is the first robot of its kind in Poland. The price of the device is 3.2 million PLN. The equipment was purchased as part of a project to equip the new headquarters in Prokocim, Krakow. It is co-financed by the EU. Let us remind you that in December the University Hospital bought a Senhance surgical robot for PLN 10 million.

photo: Agnieszka Diaków / Archiwum SU

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