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Roche Polska offers its employees a unique benefit

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Vocational training, company car and private medical care are the most popular non-wage benefits offered by the majority of employers in Poland. Against this background, Roche Polska stands out with an interesting idea. The pharmaceutical company offers additional 3-month leave to employees with longer experience. The benefit is called Take Time.

Take Time as an example of work-life balance

The issue of work-life balance has recently become increasingly important. In response to this trend, Roche Polska has introduced, since the begining of 2019, the Take Time benefit. As the company emphasises, analyses and market data show that the issue of additional free time is very important from the perspective of employees of all generations.

The Take Time programme offers employees with longer working lives additional, three-month leave. It is partially paid. It is worth noting that the programme was entirely initiated and developed by the Polish branch of the company.

Roche: Several people have already benefited from the programme

As Roche informed PMR, 15 people have planned their Take Time holidays so far, and 3 more are being processed. The first person to take the leave devoted it to a trip to Asia. She has visited eight countries, from South Korea to Indonesia. She took part in an educational volunteer programme, a diving course and several music festivals. Another Roche employee will spend 40 days trekking in the Pyrenees as part of Take Time.

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