Ryki Hospital wants to resume operations

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The resumption of the activity of the District Hospital in Ryki is more difficult than expected. As we have already informed you, the facility ceased operations on 1 November 2018. The reason was the financial problems of its operator – AMG Centrum Medyczne. They resulted from the loss of part of the NFZ contract and other obligations.

According to Eastern Journal, the hospital is currently managed by the company. It was created by the Starost Office. In order for the institution to resume its activity, however, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive renovation of the building and modernization of medical equipment. According to the president of the company, Ireneusz Jach, quoted by the newspaper, at the time when the hospital was managed by the previous company, everything was degraded.

Currently, the building is being used to replace the electrical system, modernize the fire protection system and adjust the operating rooms to the standards of treatment. It is also necessary to computerize the hospital.

The company first plans to open an emergency room and an internal ward, according to the information disclosed to Dziennik Wschodni.  At the moment, however, it is not known when it will be possible. Later, the hospital in Ryki will also seek to regain its contract with the National Health Fund.

According to PMR data, in October 2018 there were nearly 1,090 hospitals with more than 5 beds in Poland. Non-public institutions with the participation of the State Treasury or local government units, such as the Hospital in Ryki, constituted 16% of them. In Lubelskie voivodship, where the institution is located, there are over 20 hospitals operating in total. So far, only two of them have been operated by a local government unit.

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