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Sanofi will look for new therapies with big data analysis

Sanofi will analyse the big data on patients in real time

The pharmaceutical company Sanofi and Google have entered into a cooperation agreement. The goal for the pharmaceutical giant is to find new directions of development in the context of the research on new drugs. The companies will create a joint InnovationHub, thanks to which so-called big data, i.e. large data bases coming from the Internet, will be analysed.

This data will be available to the company in real time. Thanks to these activities and in-depth analysis, Sanofi counts on better identification of patients and their diseases, the possibility for the company to increase its operational efficiency and to increase the experience of patients and customers of Sanofi.

Big data is not the end of cooperation with Google

Sanofi and Google will also work together in other areas. Sanofi is planning to upgrade its infrastructure. This will involve moving existing business applications to the cloud platform – Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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