Selvita: New director of integrated R&D projects

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Further personnel changes in the Polish biotechnology company Selvita. Dr. Tom Coulter has been appointed to the position of the director for integrated research and development projects.

From Evotec to Selvita

Dr. Tom Coulter will provide scientific support for Selvita’s drug discovery projects for external clients. The new director has been involved in the biotechnology industry for over 20 years. For nearly 17 years he worked for Evotec, one of the largest biotechnology companies in the world. There he coordinated work on the discovery and development of molecules with therapeutic effects.

Later, he held management positions in medical chemistry and drug discovery at UK biotech companies, including Syntaxin, Karus Therapeutics and Midatech Pharma. In total, he has conducted a variety of research and development programs, ranging from small particles to biological drugs, as well as projects in the area of drug delivery technology. Dr. Coulter has experience in areas such as oncology, inflammatory diseases and immunomodulation, metabolic diseases, central nervous system (CNS) diseases and others.

Selvita will separate the services

Selvita announced in March that it would split into two companies by the end of 2019. The first one will focus on developing its own projects in the area of small molecules with therapeutic potential in oncology. The second, joined by Dr. Coulter, will provide laboratory research and development services to external customers. This means that as a result of the spin-off, the service part of Selvita will be transferred to the new company. It will continue its development not only through organic growth, but also through acquisitions in Poland and abroad. Selvita also expects that joining Tom Coulter’s team will increase the number of INDs reported by its clients to the FDA.

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