Super-Pharm will launch an online sales platform

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Super-Pharm, the Israeli combination of pharmacy, drugstore and perfume shop, plans to launch an online sales platform Super-Pharm Marketplace. The platform will be made available to other online sellers, and the company will become an intermediary collecting commission on each transaction.

Super-Pharm as the largest sales platforms?

The new platform is to be linked to a sales site operated by the network and is to enable consumers to buy products directly from other sellers. The selection of the goods and delivery will be made by an external seller. It is a solution modelled on the largest commercial platforms, i.e.: Amazon, eBay, AliExpress or Allegro.

Wider range of products

The company wants to take advantage of customer traffic on its website and counts on the possibility to offer a wider range of products to potential customers.

At the beginning, the offer is to be similar to the products offered by Super-Pharm, i.e. health products and cosmetics. At a later stage, the platform is to offer products from categories in which the network has not been operating so far, such as electrical appliances, electronics and household products.

Super-Pharm in Poland

Super-Pharm entered Poland in 2001. The company has 76 outlets, all of which operate under a concept combining a pharmacy, a drugstore and a perfume shop. In December last year, the company launched a new commercial concept in the Super-Pharm Outlet format. The sale offer includes several hundred products, for which the price reductions reach 70%. The sales do not concern pharmacy products.

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