Super-Pharm will sell medical marijuana

medyczna marihuana

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Several dozen pharmacies of the Super-Pharm chain in Israel will sell medical marijuana products manufactured by IM Cannabis Corporation (IMC). This is the result of a three-year distribution agreement signed between Focus Medical Herbs and the pharmacy chain.

The distribution agreement was signed in mid-April. Under the agreement, Focus Medical will sell a total of 13.6 tons of medical cannabis products manufactured by IMC, an Israeli manufacturer. Deliveries will include 2.3 tons in 2020, nearly 5 tons in 2021 and 6.3 tons in 2022. These will include both dry flowers and extracts.

The Super-Pharm network operates in the drugstore concept, combining a pharmacy, a drugstore and a perfume shop in one outlet. It operates nearly 260 stores in Israel, of which approximately 40 have a license to sell marijuana products. In addition, for sales purposes, Super-Pharm has launched online sales with delivery throughout Israel. In Poland, Super-Pharm operates in nearly 80 locations.

Focus Pharm also signed a distribution agreement with two other pharmacy chains, i.e. Shor Tabachnik and Oranim Pharm and Medi Plus

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