Tuberculosis vaccine returns to production line


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At the turn of 2018 and 2019 Biomed-Lublin had problems with the quality of the Onko BCG 100 medicinal product and the BCG 10 tuberculosis vaccine. In 2019, none of the tested series was defective.

Newborns will get a tuberculosis vaccine

The tuberculosis vaccine is an obligatory vaccination of newborns before discharge from the neonatal ward. At the beginning of the year, Biomed-Lublin has informed about a temporary suspension of production. Therefore, the Sanitary Inspectorate sent a letter to hospitals to make the most effective use of their reserves, as the only manufacturer of this vaccine in the country had problems with its production. One ampoule was to be used to vaccinate several children at once.

Tuberculosis vaccine will full expected demand

Biomed-Lublin, a WSE listed company producing vaccines and serums, has achieved positive quality results for the sixth time in a series of the Onko BCG 100 medicinal product. The tested series will be sold. On 11th June 2019, the Company announced that it is currently producing Onko BCG and BCG 10 tuberculosis vaccine, using 100% of its production capacity. First of all, it is to ensure demand on the Polish market.

Since the beginning of production problems, Biomed-Lublin has started an expert staff in the company and started cooperation with the Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases. What is more, the company also cooperated with experts in the field of vaccinology. All these activities led to the improvement of the whole production process and the resumption of production.

According to the Health Ministry, on 20th May 2019, 11,000 ampoules of tuberculosis vaccine were delivered to the Central Reserve Base. The company will deliver a total of 36,000 ampoules by 15th July.

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