Szpitale Polskie with a bankruptcy filing

Szpitale Polskie

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Due to the economic and social situation of the company Szpitale Polskie S.A., the company has decided to file for bankruptcy. At the same time, the company assures that all contracts with the NFZ will continue to be fulfilled and the hospitals belonging to the company will function. The company explained that talks are underway for the company to be taken over by another management entity and that filing for bankruptcy is intended to help the company restructure with the financial support of a new operator.

The management board of Szpitale Polskie S.A. filed for the company’s bankruptcy on 15 October 2021. According to the company’s announcement, the board’s decision is related to the provisions of the bankruptcy law, which imposes an obligation to file for bankruptcy in the event of the occurrence of conditions stated by the regulations. As explained by Jakub Michalak, manager and restructuring advisor, who took up his position in September this year, the decision is aimed at protecting the interest of all the company’s suppliers, including those who have not received payment. The motion, which was filed after verification of the financial books and assessment of the company’s general condition, will allow launching an appropriate procedure aimed at solving the company’s financial problems.

As Michalak adds, the company is not able to settle its financial liabilities to suppliers and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). The launched bankruptcy procedure will allow to carry out the restructuring of hospitals and to change the operator to a solvent entity.

The company Szpitale Polskie S.A. owns two specialist centres: Szpital Polski in Sztum and a hospital in Drawsko Pomorskie. Within the facility run in Sztum, patients may use fifteen wards, a complex of specialist clinics and diagnostic laboratories. The facility also offers rehabilitation and provides its patients with a Care and Treatment Centre. The specialist centre in Drawsko Pomorskie has seven wards, specialist clinics and diagnostic laboratories.

AHP wants to take over the establishments of Szpitale Polskie

The company that is interested in acquiring the shares of Szpitale Polskie is American Heart of Poland. It is the parent company of NAFIS, which built and is responsible for running the cardiology department at the hospital in Drawsko Pomorskie. According to the announcements of AHP, the hospital is to operate without changes, and in the future, it is planned to increase employment as well as improve the salary conditions of the staff. New medical equipment, such as magnetic resonance imaging, a new angiograph and ambulances, are to appear in the facility. AHP also wants to expand the laboratory, as well as broaden the range of services offered. The company also plans to expand its ambulatory services to neighbouring counties.

AHP is one of the largest companies in Europe that specialises in cardiology and is also the largest company of its kind in Poland. It has 26 cardiological departments and runs the Ustroń Health Resort and its own Research Centre. Several years ago, AHP took over the St Elizabeth’s hospital in Katowice, which was previously owned by Szpitale Polskie S.A.

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