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MedApp Microsoft Teams

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MedApp, the creator of its original platform CarnaLife System for remote diagnosis and monitoring of patients’ health, has extended the cooperation with its current partner, Microsoft. This time, as part of the cooperation, patients and doctors using the CarnaLife System platform will gain another tool for communication – Microsoft Teams – during medical consultations.

Microsoft Teams and a wide spectrum of possibilities

At the beginning of June this year, with the implementation of Microsoft Teams application by MedApp to CarnaLife System, the System users have gained a well-known tool for secure communication between the patient and the doctor, necessary in the process of remote consultations. Thanks to the implementation, the usability of Microsoft Teams, such as: appointment scheduling in an electronic calendar, chat, video or secure data transfer, will ensure comfort and safety of remote consultations carried out within the System. The key advantage of Microsoft Teams is meeting the requirements for enhanced security and compliance for healthcare.

This is because the Microsoft Teams service, which is based on the Microsoft 365 cloud platform, enables compliance with HIPAA (eng. Health Information Privacy and Portability Act) and also supports standards such as the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST), Service Organization Controls (SOC) 1 and 2 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – essential for maintaining high security standards for the handling of sensitive personal patient data.

Concern for the security of patients and their data is fundamental, especially when we see the rise of digital medicine and remote consultations. The second important factor is the usability of the technologies used and their availability to all. By announcing in May 2020 the investment in the development of the Polish Digital Valley and the construction of a local data centre, we also made another declaration on ensuring the highest standards of information security of our customers and their users, which in this case are the patients. At the same time I am very pleased with the next stage of cooperation with MedApp. The company is developing dynamically, setting the direction for the implementation of innovations in the healthcare sector – says Pawel Jakubik, Director for Digital Transformation in the Cloud and Microsoft Board Member.

About CarnaLife System

CarnaLife System is a proprietary advanced digital medicine platform that enables the doctor to diagnose and remotely monitor the health status of patients and, if necessary, provide consultations at a time convenient for the patient and the doctor. The application provides unique opportunities to link medical consultations with in-depth diagnostics, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms and Big Data analysis. Remote monitoring of the patient’s health condition is carried out using more than 20 devices such as: pulse oximeter, electrocardiograph (ECG), blood pressure gauge, thermometer, scales or stethoscope for auscultation examination.

With the integration of Microsoft Teams, users of the CarnaLife System platform gain the ability to schedule consultations in the application and add the meeting with the patient to the doctor’s calendar. The consultation can be carried out in both chat and video format. If a scheduled consultation needs to be rescheduled, the date change is automatically saved in the Microsoft Teams calendar as well as in the application. The same happens when it is necessary to cancel a consultation. The creators of the solution made sure that the settings are fully synchronised. An important novelty is the guarantee of fully secure transmission of sensitive medical data in the form of attached files.

Four years of collaboration between MedApp and Microsoft

MedApp and Microsoft have been working together since 2017. In early 2021, the Company received Mixed Reality DMP status from the tech giant, making it the official distributor of the mixed reality holographic visualisation device, HoloLens 2. MedApp also holds Silver Partner status in the Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP), and offers the Microsoft Azure cloud solution to its customers.

Efficient, time-saving digital medicine solutions for patients and doctors are beneficial whether we are working under normal conditions or during the pandemic disruptions we have experienced in diagnostics and classic patient health monitoring. Expanding CarnaLife System with Microsoft Teams – a service awarded Best in KLAS for providers improving patient healthcare – will benefit patient comfort and their awareness of easy and secure access to medical consultations. A particularly important aspect of this cooperation is the guarantee of high standards in the safe way of transferring and storing sensitive medical data, to which we are obliged, among others, by the requirements of RODO regulations. This is another stage of our cooperation with Microsoft. We are pleased to cooperate with a global player, such as Microsoft, especially since modern, digital medicine is one of the fastest growing technology areas in the world, which is perfectly in line with the strategy implemented by MedApp – says Krzysztof Medrala, CEO of MedApp SA.

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