TeleMed24 is looking for investors

TeleMed24 is looking for investors

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TeleMed24, owned by MKW S.A, will debut on the crowdinvesting platform at the end of September. The company counts on attracting new investors who see the development potential of the telemedicine market.

The Zakopane company MKW S.A, the owner of the TeleMed24 brand, deals with the provision of telemedicine services, which include 24-hour patient care using a telemetry band. The band has a GPS location system, a SIM card that enables voice connection, and an SOS button. The patient is monitored 24 hours a day by paramedics on duty at the Operation and Aid Center who can also monitor the patient’s heart rate using the wristband. In an event of an emergency, the paramedics on duty establish contact with the patient, the family or medical services. This system is designed to ensure safety and psychological comfort – both for the patients and their relatives.

Growing needs

Currently, tens of thousands Poles use telemedicine services. This number may increase significantly in the future, given the aging pace of the Polish society. According to the estimates of the Central Statistical Office, in 2050 there will be 11 million people over 65 living in the country. Currently, according to the study “Faces of Loneliness” by Szlachetna Paczka, every third person in Poland who turns 74 lives alone. Such conditions can only raise the need for remote medical care for an increasing number of citizens.

TeleMed24 has been their providing services in the field of long-term nursing home care and rehabilitation for 10 years. The company provides both commercial and services contracted with the National Health Fund. Over the past two years, the company has seen an increase in the number of active customers by 300 percent. The increase in medical procedures carried out at that time amounted to 60%.

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