Telemedicine: MedApp enters foreign markets

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MedApp, a Polish telemedicine company, has announced that it has signed an agreement with T Optimus, a Lithuanian company. It concerns the distribution of the CarnaLife telemedicine system in the Baltic states. This is the first agreement of this type concluded by MedApp. The company plans further international expansion.

The agreement will cover Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. According to the company, these countries are among the most attractive in Europe in terms of innovation and openness to new technologies. Moreover, MedApp hopes that thanks to its geographical proximity, this step will result in extending its distribution to Scandinavian countries. Subsequently, the company plans to expand globally, including the United States and the Middle East.

The analytical telemedicine system CarnaLife, developed by MedApp, recognizes over 20 irregularities in ECG signals. CarnaLife is offered in several packages. For example, in the Carna Life Lite application you can register e.g. ECG, spirometry, pulse oximetry, laboratory tests, temperature, weight, sugar level, blood pressure, CT, resonance, hearing test and KTG. For Carna Life Pro and Carna Life System, the main application is cardiovascular diagnostics. Carna Like Holo is mainly used in radiography and surgery.

In 2017, the first ablation of atrial fibrillation medium in Poland was performed, during which the Carna Life Holo system was used. In the same year, the first medical institutions in Poland implemented Carna Life.

According to the PMR report, companies operating on the telemedicine market announce a significant increase in the number of patients covered by such services, as well as expansion of their offer and new investments. Therefore, we estimate that in 2018 the market accelerated and will be subject to minor fluctuations at the level of over 25% annually from 2019, thanks to better and more widespread functioning of IT systems in health care in Poland.

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