Tests for coronavirus delivered by… taxi

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iTaxi in cooperation with Warsaw Genomics started to distribute coronavirus tests to individual patients. The action is to speed up the process of diagnosing the coronavirus. The tests are to be finally available throughout Poland.

Tests for coronavirus in a taxi

iTaxi, as early as in March, installed screens separating the passenger from the driver in its fleet cars to protect against possible spread of coronavirus during the journey. The company has recently established cooperation with Warsaw Genomics and since 18 May has been providing taxis that provide coronavirus tests to individual patients. The tests are transported by appropriately trained drivers who have been equipped with additional personal protective equipment. What is important, the transport of the samples is non-contact. This means that the drivers have no direct contact with the people who are being tested. During transport, the samples are stored in the luggage compartment, in disinfected and closed containers, and all cars are ozonized after the transport of the coronavirus tests.

According to the company’s communication, the established transport procedure complies with legal requirements: the Act of 19 August 2011 on the Carriage of Dangerous Goods (Journal of Laws 2020.154), the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), made in Geneva on 30 September 1957. (OJ 2017.1119) and the WHO guidelines for the transport of infectious substances 2019-2020.

Furthermore, the swabs are packaged in accordance with instruction P650 and are contained in a package consisting of four protective layers, i.e. a swab tube, a sealed plastic bag, an envelope and an outer packaging in the form of a resealable, labelled plastic box into which the test person throws the collected material.

Warsaw Genomics enables the purchase of coronavirus tests by individuals

All tests carried out by Warsaw Genomics are RT-PCR methods in real time. The company specialises in molecular diagnostics and has conducted over 100 thousand coronavirus tests in Poland so far. Currently, the potential of the laboratory exceeds the needs of the healthcare system, therefore the company wants to use its maximum capacity and has made it possible for individuals to purchase coronavirus tests.

Previously, the company launched an e-consultations, which provides advice in the form of videoconsultation. Patients can take advantage of advice on basic health care, including those related to coronavirus infection, as well as specialist consultations, including: genetic, endocrine, oncological (targeted therapies), pediatric or lactation advice, aimed at breastfeeding women.

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